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56 Square Feet Chicken Coop with Chicken Run 285074

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56 Square Feet Chicken Coop with Chicken Run
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About this item


  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: This extra-large chicken coop is made of solid fir wood with paint. It features a waterproof roof made of anti-UV material for enhanced weather protection. The strong, long-lasting construction promotes the health and well-being of your animals.
  • SPACIOUS DESIGN: Measures 136.5"L x 63"W x 59"H. Give your chickens the poultry penthouse they deserve. The spacious design features an elevated chicken coop cage with two triple occupancy nesting boxes, as well as an extra-large attached run. This large chicken coop is suitable for 8-10 chickens, depending on size and breed.
  • EASY ACCESS AND SECURITY: The hen house is easily accessible via ramp, so your chickens can come and go as they please throughout the day. The lockable doors and sturdy wire mesh keep your hens secure at night and safe from predators.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: A built-in slide-out tray to collect droppings and waste make this chicken coop easy to clean. Two sliding windows on the sides of the coop facilitate airflow in the interior. A back door gives you easy access to the inside of the coop for deep cleaning and maintenance.
  • DUAL NESTING BOXES: Two nesting boxes on either side of the chicken coop cage provide ample space for your hens to lay their daily eggs. Each nesting box houses three nesting spaces, so you can house 8-10 chickens at a time in this coop.


Premium Fir

Unlike typical plywood coops, we use top-quality Douglas Fir, sealed and heat-treated to last many years.


Each slat of wood rests neatly within the next to ensure easy construction and a weather-tight enclosure.

Nest Boxes

Divided for multiple nests, our nesting boxes are accessed through secured, hinged doors for easy access to eggs.

Sliding Mess Pans

An advantage over fixed bottoms, the galvanized steel pan slides free for easy access to droppings.***

Roosting Bars

Provides your chickens with a perch, which is where they typically sleep and spend a lot of time.

Latched Doors

Designed to last years of wear, the metal latches and locks keep chickens
safe from predators.

Screened Vents

Keeps your chicken coop dry and avoids sickness, vents allow air flow to reduce moisture.

Easy Assembly

Each chicken coop ships with clear directions, and many parts are already put together. Takes a couple hours.

Our deluxe chicken coops are both stylish and functional. This model includes both indoor and outdoor spaces for your chickens to enjoy while being protected from predators and the elements. Easily access the interior of this chicken coop via liftable roof sections on the nesting box, or the lockable doors on the front of the house and run. Features:- Plenty of room to roam in the protected chicken run while still allowing your flock access to the grass, ground and outdoors- High-quality fir wood construction with the elevated house, nesting boxes, ramp, door, and attached run- Anti-UV and weather-resistant asphalt roof prevent from harsh weather elements- A ventilated roosting area provides air circulation and light- Includes 2 roosting bars keeps your animals safe, dry and warm- Ramp allows chickens easy access to the raised housing area- Removable bottom sliding tray for easy cleaning- House and nesting boxes are easy to access via lockable doors- Assembly is requiredSpecifications/Dimensions:- Color: Orange- Material: Fir Wood- Overall Dimension: 136.5" L x 63" W x 59" H- Living House Size: 40" L x 35.5" W x 42.75" H- Run Box Size: 94.25" L x 35.5" W x 38.75" H- Nesting Box Size: 32.75" L x 12.5" W x 12.75" H- Ramp Size: 34.75" L x 8.25" W- Door Size: 30.5" W x 21.5" H (side door), 10.25" W x 12.5" H (inside door), 28.5" W x 30.75" H (run box door)- Window Size: 23.5" W x 7" H- Sliding Tray Size: 33.25" L x 38.25" W x 2.25" D- Wire Spacing: 0.5"

What's Included?

  • Nesting Box(es)
  • 1 Door(s)
  • Window(s)
  • Roof
  • Wire Mesh
  • Roosting Bar
  • Lock
  • Chicken Run
  • Pull-out Tray
  • Ramp


Weights & Dimensions

Aloah 56 Square Feet Chicken Coop with Chicken Run

Other Dimensions

Overall59.06'' H X 136.61'' W X 62.99'' D
Overall Product Weight138.6 lb.
Overall Area56 square feet

Coop Care

If you own a chicken coop, then you have come to accept the fact that your chickens are also a part of the family. This is why caring for your coop is so important to the well-being of your chickens. The coop is where your chickens eat, sleep and lay their eggs. So why not keep your coop and provide extra protection? Think about it: There are tons of predators out there that want a piece of chicken from your coop like foxes, raccoons, weasels, and even your own dog. But it doesn’t stop there. You also have to worry about mother nature. Imagine waking up in the middle of a storm to find your chicken coop toppled over and your flock running all over the place getting wet. Now that would be horrible. Luckily: If you take the necessary steps beforehand, you can save yourself some time and money while still maintaining the level of security and protection that your chickens need. Let’s take a look at some of the steps you can take to keep your coop up to par while preventing predators from getting to your chickens.

Homemade, triangular coop run

Properly Caring For Your Coop

Planning ahead is the best way to keep up your coop. You need to make sure to keep your coop dry, secured to the ground and have added protection. Caring for your coop is not as complex as it seems. You just need to make time to care for your coop and apply these preventive measures:

Keep Your Coop Dry

Although your coop may come with a weatherproof coating, wear and tear from outside elements can eventually deteriorate your coops exterior. This can cause your coop to become vulnerable to rain. Nothing is more annoying than having a wet coop. If you don’t take care of this problem as soon as possible, you can run into situations like wet nesting boxes, wet chickens, mud bog coop, and moldy feed. And for those cold climate areas, your chickens may develop frostbite due to the excess moisture. Fortunately, there is hope: As a preventive measure, it’s recommended to apply a water sealant such as Thompson’s water seal clear multi-surface waterproofer

Secure Your Coop Down

Many coop owners won’t think about this, but states that have high winds, such as Kansas and Nebraska, can become problematic for lightweight coops. Coops can actually be toppled over or even blown away. In hurricane states, heavier coops can have the same problem. If this happens, your chickens will have exposure to the outside elements and local predators. Yikes! Keep in mind: The best way to prevent your coop from being blown away is to secure it to the ground. For example, you can set four metal fence around the coop and anchored with thick gauged wires like the Hillman Group 9-gauge galvanized utility wire

 There are many ways to strap your coop down. You just need to find the best solution for your type of coop. And by doing so, you can rest assure that your coop will stay in place during high winds.

Large, yellow walk-in coop and run

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